The focus of this call for information is substances containing [b]bendiocarb, carbaryl, chlorfenvinphos, coumaphos, fenitrothion, fenthion, formetanate, furathiocarb, maldison/malathion, methiocarb, methomyl, propetamphos, propoxur, temephos, tetrachlorvinphos, [/b]or [b]thiodicarb[/b] as the active ingredient. We believe there has been a decrease in the use of a number of approvals containing these chemicals, with some active ingredients appearing to no longer be in use, while other actives show a marked decline in use. We are seeking information to confirm the current use status of these approvals, and information on any critical uses to illustrate the benefits for any substances which remain in use. The information we receive will be used to inform our reassessment work plan, and help us make an initial proposal on how these substances should be managed in the future.  Please provide as much information as you are able. At the end of the form you will have an opportunity to upload up to five supporting documents (maximum file size 5 MB each, [b]“.doc” or “.pdf” format only[/b]). Alternatively, larger files and other formats can be emailed to [][/url]. Please send from the same email address provided in the online form and quote your unique response number which you will receive via email after submitting your response. Please complete the response form before [b]Friday 28 May 2021, 5.00pm[/b]. [b]Responding to the call for information  [/b] Please read the important information below which details how the information provided will be used.  [b]How we will use this information[/b] The information you provide in this call for information will be used to assess the need to conduct a further reassessment and consider options for its scope. Should a formal reassessment application be made, interested parties will have an opportunity to make formal submissions on the application once it has been formally lodged. [b]Feedback may be made publicly available [/b] As a regulator, we wish to run an open and transparent process to the extent possible so the EPA may publish or otherwise make available all or part of your feedback. However, we acknowledge that some information may be commercially sensitive or be otherwise regarded as confidential.  Therefore, if you consider any of the information you are providing should not be made publicly available, please clearly indicate this, and give the reasons, so we can consider this before publishing any information. [b]Privacy [/b] The Privacy Act 2020 establishes certain principles with respect to the collection, use, and disclosure of information about individuals by various agencies, including the EPA. Any personal information you supply when providing feedback will be used only in relation to the matters covered by this document. We may also use your contact details for the purpose of requesting your participation in customer surveys. You have a right to access and correct any personal information held by us, by contacting the EPA. You may request that your personal information (such as your name) be withheld from publicly available information.  We will not make your personal contact details publicly available. Please fill in the form below, then click Continue to review your submission. At any time you may click Save and Exit so that you can return later.

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