[b]Submission form: Consultation on the proposals to prescribe certain organisms as “not new” organisms[/b] We, the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA), recently invited proposals to prescribe certain new organisms as ‘not new’ organisms. Following is the list of organisms, selected to be classed as ‘not new’ under the HSNO Act. ·         Pepino Mosaic Virus ·         [i]Dicyphus [/i]n. sp. (NZAC04236621) ·         [i]Paropsisterna cloelia[/i] ·         [i]Pilea peperomioides[/i] ·         [i]Philodendron pedatum[/i] ·         [i]Philodendron squamiferum[/i] ·         [i]Paenibacillus alvei [/i] Fill this form if you or your organisation may be affected by the proposal to make these organisms as ‘not new’. Find more information on the organisms proposed to be prescribed as ‘not new’ organisms and the reasons for the proposals in the proposal forms accompanying this submission form. If organisms are made ‘not new’, they would no longer be regulated under the HSNO Act. However, they may still be regulated under other Acts. [b]Submission details[/b] We are now inviting submissions from all persons who may be affected by the proposals to make the above organisms ‘not new’.   There are three parts to this form.    Part 1 collects your contact details, Part 2 poses a series of questions we would like your feedback on. Part 3 provides some important information you must read before you make this submission.  You may focus on the questions relevant to you, as you are not required to answer all of them.  When providing your comments, please provide your rationale and any additional information you consider is relevant. This information will help us better understand the effects to make the organisms ‘not new’ will likely have. Your feedback will enable us make more informed decisions, so please take this opportunity to have your say. [b]Submissions open on 8 November 2021 and close [/b][b]on 17 December 2021 at 5.00 pm. [/b] [b]Background[/b] Species are classed as new organisms under the Hazardous Substances and New Organisms (HSNO) Act if they were not present in New Zealand before 29 July 1998. As such, you require HSNO Act approval to import, release, develop or field test the organism. It is an offence under section 109(1) of the HSNO Act to conduct any of these activities without an approval. To change its ‘new organism’ status (which means that an organism will no longer be regulated as ‘new’ under the HSNO Act), an organism must be deregulated under section 140(1)(c) of the HSNO Act, by an Order in Council given by the Governor General prescribing the organism is 'not a new organism' for the purposes of this Act. As part of this process, we must advise persons who may be affected by a proposed Order in Council and allow such persons to make submissions on the proposed Order in Council. Once the submission period has closed, we will advise the Minister for the Environment of any submissions received and any comments we wish to make regarding those submissions. Please fill in the form below, then click Continue to review your submission. At any time you may click Save and Exit so that you can return later.

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