The Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) is consulting on a proposal to amend the Fire Fighting Chemicals Group Standard 2017. The proposed amendments are being treated as an application under the Hazardous Substances and New Organisms Act. The proposal is being publicly notified to enable the public to comment and to put all relevant information before decision makers. We would like to hear what you think about the proposals outlined.  The EPA will deal with any personal information you supply in your submission in accordance with the Privacy Act 1993. We will use your contact details for the purposes of processing the application that it relates to (or in exceptional situations for other reasons permitted under the Privacy Act 1993). Where your submission is made publicly available, your contact details will be removed only if you have indicated this as your preference in the tick box at the end of this form. We may also use your contact details for the purpose of requesting your participation in customer surveys. The EPA is likely to post your submission on its website at [url=][u][/u][/url]. We also may make your submission available in response to a request under the Official Information Act 1982.  If you would like more information about how we treat confidential information, see [i]Supplying confidential information to the EPA: your rights and our obligations [/i]on our website. Please fill in the form below, then click Continue to review your submission. At any time you may click Save and Exit so that you can return later.

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Fluorine-free alternatives to PFAS
Proposed requirements for disposing of PFAS fire fighting foams
Proposal for containing foam wastes
Would your business be able to contain all foam wastes?
If not, is this due to cost or practical difficulties?
Proposed introduction of fluorine-free foams
Proposed phase out of ‘modern’ fluorotelomer C6 AFFF
Do you agree with phasing out C6 AFFF at the same timeframe as C8 AFFF?
Which is your preferred option?
What are your reasons?
Can you estimate the cost to your business of phasing out C6 AFFF?
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